American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota (ACDA-MN)


Scholarships offered by ACDA-MN’s F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund are subject to the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • Scholarships will pay partial honor choir registration fees from a minimum award of $50, up to a maximum award of $100.
  • A limited number of needs-based scholarships will be awarded each year, based on available scholarship funds.
  • Scholarship awards will be based on the financial need of the student/family.
  • Applications received after the posted due dates (see the dates below) will not be considered.

Scholarship Applications Due Dates:

7-8 Honor Choirs: Friday, October 19

9-10 Honor Choirs: Friday, November 23

4-5-6 Honor Choirs: Friday, March 22

To download and print the Application Form use this button to get a PDf version of the paper form.

Print Application Form

Online Scholarship Application Form:

To be filled out by the Parent / Guardian

  • Parent / Guardian Statement:
    Briefly describe the financial needs of this student/family. Use the upload button below to attach a copy of the first page of the previous year's income tax return (IRS form 1040 filed in the previous year).
    If the family's income has changed in the previous year, include that information below.

    Please make sure to completely blacken out all social security numbers.
    Upon conclusion of honor choir event, scholarship applications and supporting documentation will be shredded by ACDA-MN.
  • Allowed file extensions: jpg, gif, tif, pdf, zip
    If you have more than one file, combined them into one zip file.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, tif, pdf, zip.
  • Briefly describe the other sources of funding the student/family has sought or will seek for honor choir registration fees.